Thursday, September 6, 2012

Technique Friday! ........

Happy Friday people!

Natalie here sharing just how I created my page and card for this month!

You'll be surprised how ridiculously easy it is!

The first thing I do is prep my cardstock or base.
I like to use chipboard or cardboard for my base as it does not buckle and holds shape really well.

I coat the whole background in Gesso.
Gesso is my absolute favourite tool at the moment.
What Gesso does is works as a sealant on the background so that the paints and mists dont soak into the background. This is fabulous for chipboard!
Gesso comes in a couple of different forms but I like to use the Gesso Spray - it's a little harder to find and bloody expensive but ... it works a treat and gives a smooth finish. If you are using Gesso paste, make sure you get it on in a nice even layer.

Next I choose my mists.
At the moment I am seriously addicted to using Mister Hueys by Studio Calico - the colour is bright and vibrant and one spray is all you need.
The difference between these and Glimmermist is that Mister Hueys is a flat colour rather than a glittery colour.

I gather a few flowers together next ... I use Green Tara which are available here and I use what ever colours I have floating around. Once the mist goes on, the colour of the flower is covered! Perfect way to use those odd colour flowers you might have hanging around.

Next give them a spray and either put them aside to dry in the sun or hit with a heat gun.

For the background, I use my hi-tech spray booth - otherwise known as cardboard box - stand your background up on an angle and start spraying.
I spray one of each colour then go back over each layer once the drips have started!
Stop when it looks good!

Dry in the sun or whit a heat gun.

With other mists, you may need to dry between coats , especially Glimmermist which will require a lot more layers to get the colour nice and rich.

Next add your flowers. I find a hot glue gun works best the glue them on! No waiting for glue to dry and instant results! You can pick one up from Spotlight for under $10 - BARGAIN!

 And now you're done! Add a photo and some embellies and you have created your own piece of brilliant!

Have fun and I look forward to seeing all your results!

Natalie May


  1. Wow, this is stunning, I can see I will have to get myself some glimmermists.

    Great new look blog too! x

  2. how good is that Natalie May and a bottle of mist.... thanks for the blog love.Nx

  3. This looks amazing.Might have to try this technique.

  4. Thanks for sharing your process Natalie! I'll have to keep an eye out for Gesso Spray. ;) Beautiful piece! =)