Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the wonderful incredible 'Imaginarium Designs'

Can I shout it from the rooftops..... This product rocks.

I had to get that out of the way before I direct you to their amazing blog and lose you for the evening as that happened to me.

I have spent many a night looking through blogs admiring this chipboard product and wondering how I was going to get my hands on some of that goodness... and you know what I got some and I love it.

but let me tell you a little secret.... this is the best part it is a rocking Australian business, homegrown in Adelaide founded by non other than the awesomely talented Jane Tregenza and her son in 2010, and in such a short time 'Imaginarium Designs' has gained a reputation for its lovely classic designs and intricate details. All design work is done by people who use the product, whether for there own designs or for teaching....This gives Imaginarium Designs its uniqueness and sets it apart from the rest by far...

Please go lose yourself in these blogs if you have the time... you wont regret it and will walk away with a world of inspiration and an itch to create.

owner founder and extrodinaire.... Jane

And the talent doesnt stop there. A quick look at the design team will tell you that Imaginarium Designs   is all about providing a wonderful chipboard product for scrapbookers, cardmakers and memory keepers of all talents! 

Here are some of the homegrown talent on the design team....plenty of opportunities to hijack some ideas and inspiration out of these girls. 

the fabulous Ms Nelson.... Natalie may describes her as gods gift to paint and paper and I tend to agree with her. Please drop into her blog and see how she turns the ordinary into extraordinary here..
what can I say other than this chickie ticks all the boxes and she would have to be one of the hardest working scrapbookers in the industry it is our very own Happydaks

well what can I say Steph is a classic, shabby chic scrapbooker who has a style and class to her pages that I could look at FOREVER... check her out here

and if you dont fall in love with Heathers style I will be a monkeys uncle... check out this amazing blog here

check out the amazing heritage pages Sandie does here

Nadia her talent is amazing and never ending...she also has a great challenge site too.

The design team continues with an amazing roll call of peeps which I will let you go an discover at Imaginarium Designs.

Honestly go pressure your LSS to get some of this product asap....hahahahahaha

and if you cant You can purchase ID products Here ...http://www.seriouslyscrapbooking.net.au/brands?brand=1020

ok lovelies I hope you jacks are coming along nicely... remember to post them before the 30th.


Nx and the scrapjacking team x

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