Sunday, September 2, 2012

to our new site.....( I had to move due to a little disagreement with blogger in that I couldn't get it to do what I needed so I packed my empty bags and moved to here.)

Firstly I need to say thank you to Bec for all your hardwork at keeping the australian scrapjack site up and running over the last couple of years, I have loved playing along and I honesty can't wait to get the show on the road.

The site and rules will generally work the same as they have in the past, but with one little twist. The new format will mean that we will 'Jack' an Australiasian scrapbooker and a specific layout. I have decided to take it back to the original format for a couple of reasons, personally I love to surf and adapt my own layouts from talented scrapbookers and this country has the most diverse styles of scrapbookers that we don't have to look too far to be challenged by a new technique or a new view on this ageless hobby.

so how to play......

1. Tune in on the 5th of every month for our Scrapjack Hijack.....

2. Read about our talented scrapbooker, surf their blog, have a look on our new monthly board on Pinterest which we have collected a little bit more inspiration to help you nail your jack.... really this is an excuse for me to surf a little more.... 

(PS.... if you have no idea what Pinterest is I am going to apologise to your family in advance because it is an abyss of inspiration, DIY, and quite seriously the best magazine you have ever happened across. if you need an invite please shoot me an email and I will sort you out quick smart...)

3. Break out the paper, glue and all the wonderful things in your stash and get to sticking down you memories and stories.

4. Now when you have completed your hijack you can do as you have in the past load them to your blog and then send us a link in the comments section by the last day of the month


you can send them directly to the scrapjack email to which I will display them in  our gallery. Eventually I will set up a permanent  gallery on picasso /flicker so that everyone can play not just those with a blog..

email address......

5. then at the end of the month a prize or two..... now who doesn't like a prize or two, seriously...

6. PLAY AGAIN.......and again and again, and for twelve months of playing I have a really really big prize.

look out for lots of new things happening here over the coming month.... competitions, games and of course lots and lots of inspiration...

so here is the first hint of what our first hijack is...

Ok Scrapjackers..... enough info for now, see you tomorrow with some more hints and some more changes...



  1. HI.. this all looks great! Have you got a 'follower' button we can click on?!!

    1. Thanks Lizzy,
      I hope I can live up to Bec's site.... and I hope you will hang around to play.
      cheers Nx

  2. Sounds great, but does it have to be a layout that we enter? Can we use the inspiration as an off the page creation, provided it is still a jack?

    1. Hey Felicity,

      you can upload anything that you create that has been inspired by this beautiful layout..... it might be a couple of things please upload them all. Cant wait to see what you do cause you may have an idea already by the sounds of it...
      Cheers Nx